Complaints procedures

Dear Partner, you can submit your complaint to SICO Capital Company through the following ways:

  1. In writing
  2. Communicate via email
  3. Call the phone number 8001010008 (inside KSA) & +966 11 521 3835 (from outside KSA) during official business hours from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM from Sunday to Thursday.
  4. Visit SICO Capital's offices

SICO Capital Company 5th floor - 7702 King Fahd Road Al Malqa District 13524 Riydh City, Central Province Saudi Arabia

Process of settlement

Step 1: Making a complaint

The Company confirmed receipt of the complaint to the customer within two days of receipt of the complaint, where the company will provide to the customer serial number of the complaint to follow up the complaint.

Step 2: Investigating the Complaint

Within one day maximum the company will ensure the validity of the complaint and the extent of their reality and gather the facts. The investigation committee will rectify the problem within a maximum period of five working days from the date of the receiving the complaint, And the company makes a written response to the client shows him the actions that have been taken, In case of rectifying the complaints is taking more than five days, the company will be direct a written response to the client to explain to him this delay and the results based on the nature and complexity of the problem at issue.

Step 3: Closing the Complaint

After taking corrective action or to clarify the company's position for the client, a ascertained of the safety measures must take places in the investigations, documenting the client's response to the complaint, in case of client is not satisfaction with the conclusion reached by the investigation committee, the previous procedures is repeat again