Corporate Valuation

We advise our clients on determining the economic value of a company, which can be used to determine the fair market value from a financial point of view.

Our corporate valuation services are typically conducted when our clients are looking to sell all or a portion of their companies or are looking to merge with or acquire another company. Our standards for estimating the worth of a business relies on using objective measures and evaluating all aspects of a company, whether quantitative or qualitative. This includes analysis of a company's management, its historical financial performance, its capital structure, its future earnings’ prospects and the market value of its fixed assets. The main methodologies used in our corporate valuations include internationally recognized approaches such as:

  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis
  • Comparable Public Companies Trading Multiples’ Analysis
  • Precedent M&A Transactions’ Multiples Analysis
  • Net Assets Valuation (NAV)