SICO Capital believes that the future lies in our ability to design solutions that fit the individual needs of our customers. Our mutual funds and discretionary portfolios serve a wide range of investors, including institutions, family offices, high-net-worth investors and retail clients, and cater to variant risk profiles and investment objectives.

Our range of mutual fund products (both public and private) offer investment opportunities across asset classes such as money market, real estate and equities. 

In addition to our range of mutual funds, SICO Capital also offers discretionary portfolio management services to individual customers, companies and institutions in local and regional markets. The portfolio management service is offered by an experienced team of investment professionals with extensive experience across asset classes and markets. 

SICO Capital’s investment methodology caters to variant risk profiles and investment objectives while prioritizing healthy risk-adjusted returns, significant margins of safety, and limited downside risks. Our research-based investment process is applied across our mandates covering conventional and Shariah-compliant equities, money market and fixed income securities. 

Our Range of Investment Products:

  • SICO Saudi REIT  
  • Money Market Fund 
  • GCC Dividend Growth Fund 
  • Al Qasr Fund (private) 
  • Riyadh Real Estate Fund (private) 
  • Access to emerging markets through customized investment vehicles 
  • Private Placements 
  • Emerging market investments

SICO Capital is driven by the following core principles:

Being an Original Thought Leader: We offer clients valuable insights on local and regional markets. Our investment professionals continuously keep track of relevant local, regional, and global trends.

Acting as an Advisor & Asset Manager: We provide our clients with customized and innovative solutions that address their distinct financial needs and across most asset classes 

Being an Innovator: We design investment products with new themes and ideas, and structure portfolios that seek to capitalize on market opportunities to help clients meet their goals.

Acting as a Fiduciary: We identify investment opportunities and invest on behalf of our clients within an appropriate risk and analytical framework.

Performance Highlights

Masha'ar REIT

Real Estate

SAR  623,916,001.00  in AUM


Last update
01 Sep 2021

SICO Capital MMF


SAR  52,923,282.40  in AUM


Last update
02 Oct 2023

SICO Capital GCC

Dividend Growth Fund


SAR  18,368,077.89  in AUM


Last update
02 Oct 2023

Assets Management Contact Information

  • Head of Asset Management
  • +966 11 521 3802