SICO Capital offers a discretionary portfolio management (DPM) service to its clients across asset classes such as equity, fixed income, and money market. In the DPM service, SICO Capital’s Investment Management team is responsible for undertaking all investment management activities on behalf of the client’s portfolio.

DPM offers a number of benefits to our clients, including freeing them from the burden of making day-to-day investment decisions, and relegating the responsibility to qualified investments managers who are attuned to the vagaries of the markets.

At SICO Capital, we have been offering our clients customized DPM solutions since 2010, thus providing them with the flexibility to invest in a diversified investment spectrum, including local and regional markets. DPM accounts are exclusively customized for institutional and high net-worth investors seeking discretionary portfolio services. We also offer discretionary fixed income portfolios which invest in Shariah-compliant instruments at GCC banks.

Our significant DPM portfolio has come from our clients who have put their confidence in our portfolio managers’ competence, integrity, and trustworthiness and have entrusted to us their funds after having conducted due diligence on our managers, systems, and historical financial performance.