SICO Saudi REIT Fund

SICO Saudi REIT Fund is a Shariah-compliant REIT Fund, which aims to invest in a group of income-generating real-estate properties located only in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia.

The fund intends to distribute no less than 90.0% of its net income to unit-holders annually. Further, all capital gains resulting from the sale of assets and investments may be reinvested into new value-adding assets rather than being dispensed as dividends.

Prices & Fees
Inception Date

October 16, 2017

Current Unit Price

SAR 4.64

Fund Size

SAR 572.4 million



Price at Inception

SAR 10.0

Fund Term


Net Yield

5.42% per annum for the first five (5) years and 6.02% per annum from 5 to 15 years