SICO Capital Company Announces an Invitation to Attend the Meeting of Unitholders ( Second Meeting ) of SICO Saudi REIT Fund


Voting on the suggested fundamental changes on the fund’s investment goals:

Agreeing on adjusting the fund strategy to invest minimum 75% of the total fund assets value as the latest financials in income generating developed real estates in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, instead of invest in the Holy Makkah & Almadina cities with minimum of 55% and outside Makkah & Almadina with maximum of 45% of the fund total assets as the latest financials

The voting process will be executed electronically through the “Tadawulaty” services website voting that will be available for the registered unit holders, starting from 10 AM Tuesday, 15 Jamad Al-Awwal 1443 AH, corresponding to 18 January 2022 AD, until 5:PM Thursday, on 17 Jumada al-Akhirah 1443 AH, corresponding to 20 January 2022 AD.Readmore